View the wonderful world of Anrypa!
Twin suns bathe this beautiful world in soothing and enchanting warmth,
making the expansive golden beaches and majestic shores breathtaking.
This unique solar system is called a Barycenter.

The Mantass Mark 8F heavy fighter is feared by all enemy worlds. The six energy tubes, 60 caliber nose power cannon, and its high maneuverability are a few reasons.

Angelica Dimere Bakaru: First niece of the Emperor, daughter of the Emperor's eldest brother, Anrypan Galactic Service (AGS) Ensign and elite Mark 8F pilot, then Squadron Lieutenant, Flight Leader, and last, Empress Angelica Dimere Bakaru the Third of the Anrypan Imperial Republic.

Anrypa (Ann-Rye-Pah) has one continent, or super continent. It is a lush green planet. It has dense forests, abundant clean waters, crisp invigorating air, and massive mountains.

The inner moon is small and races around Anrypa in less than a day. The much larger moon is nearly a million miles away and slower. Its blue tint indicates a thin atmosphere. At night, they make a romantic setting.

City structures are not cramped together. Many harmonize with their surroundings and some have terraces covered in greenery. Garden mazes and flowing water are the norm. There are no overhead signs or power lines. There is no ground level transportation other than by foot or bicycle. Major transport is below in luxurious pneumatic cylinders with speeds reaching 450 mph.

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